Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our First Opportunity

 Hello everyone, 
I would like to welcome you all to Occupy Springfield's current blog.  It is here that you will find news of what are the upcoming and past events.

Whats Happening:?  Introductions,Game plan Discussions, Sign Creation, and possibly more.
Where is this:?  Phelps Grove Park (the rain backup is Starbucks on Glenstone and Cherry)
What time:?  OCTOBER 5th at 6pm.  Although myself and others will be there earlier.
What to bring:?  Markers, Cardboard for signs, food/drinks/snacks, whatever else you like.  (and if you cant bring anything, then at least bring a smile)

 Being that this is the first meeting of its kind, I would like to say thank you for not only being active enough to show up, but also thank you for being here with us at the very start.  All we can say is we are fed up, as I am sure you may be and this first get together will allow us to form a more cohesive and effective group.  So please stand with us, and of course dress appropriately for the weather.  I want to be clear however that there is no leader to this movement, there are only 'we the people,' and together we may be able to create a foothold large enough to effect change.


  1. The links below will lead you to one of the roots of our movement. ALL of them are worth your time. I hope you invest ;)

  2. Looking forward to seeing the if you would like what help I can offer.