Monday, October 10, 2011

Gearing up for the BIG DAY!

Although it has not yet been put to a vote, as it will be this Wednesday, the specific date and location of our long term occupation are on almost everyone minds. If you were not already aware, make sure you are there this Wednesday @ 6pm if you want your vote to be heard.

Once the actual Occupation begins things should become much more fluid. Everyone will have an opportunity to express themselves to one another on site. The committees will have the opportunity to meet whenever they like since some people from each will most likely always be available. This is exactly why the occupy Wall Street model works, "It is always present and always growing." We have an opportunity to learn from one another, to share our stories and information. We have an opportunity to be a constant reminder to the community that we are not mindless and not a mob, we are simply a group of like minded individuals who's many different concerns all run along a few parallels. So this needs to be PRIORITY 1!

Our numbers in the US and around the world are now at staggering levels. These mini cities that are popping up everywhere are becoming local communication hubs for a greater cause. As the end of the week approaches I can tell all of you one thing, even if we have not yet had a voting opportunity,.. I will be there. I will begin to occupy one of the potential locations, even if I have to do it alone. I know it is time for the world to change, let us be the ones to affect that change! Join me, join us, occupy the world!

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