Friday, October 7, 2011

Last nights meeting and todays activities

Hello everyone,
After having attended last nights meeting and getting a better view on what is to come over the next week, I figured I should share as much with those interested in keeping up with the movement as it happens.

5:30pm Today (Oct 7th) we will be meeting in Phelps Grove park and marching to the art walk.  I will be there at 4pm getting signs ready and picking up the stencils for our t-shirts. REMINDER - tomorrow you should wear a shirt that you do not mind being stenciled upon. We will add the 99% logo to your shirt if you are willing to wear it proudly during the march. If you would like to show up early, bring materials if you can, otherwise bring good conversation and positive energy.

We are are currently letting the Occupy New York General Assembly know when we are planning our big event ;) Things are in the works, if you want to know more, SHOW UP!  As far as our next general assembly meeting, we will be announcing that tomorrow during the march.  On a more personal note, I want to thank each and every one of you that help us raise awareness. If your reading this you are surely one those that I am referring too.

Looking forward to seeing you all,
Kellen McIlroy

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