Monday, October 3, 2011

Okay, so... What next?

Pick a Street and Grab a Sign
I mean seriously, if you are reading this then you 'are' us.  So help! 
All you need is a sign a corner and a few hours and you will make a difference.  Our facebook page is already over 100 strong.  Yesterday we were 50. 
Together we can make a difference, the more of us out there trying, the faster we will grow.  If you don't yet know who we are or what we are about.  Take some time to catch up.  Find out about the current Occupy WallStreet movement in New York.  People are beginning to understand just how much and for how long ultra national banking interests have been taking.  If you wanna know more, show up, ask around, everyone has a story to tell. 
Cheap and Fun Sign Project
1 large piece of cardboard or sign board
1 or 2 Yardstick/Rulers/Sticks  (a plus shapped sign bass offers support on windy days)
1 roll Duct Tape
1 Large Black Marker
Tip: Before you even gather materials, decide what you want your sign to say.

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