Thursday, October 6, 2011

If someone asks you a question, be ready to answer.

What is our End Game?
Transparency in government and the removal and/or seization of all ultra nationalist media and banking interests. It is not communism simply justice long overdue. These 'interests' modus operandi has been to infiltrate and usurp global governments through pay offs/bribes/blackmail/murder/ and terrorism, to push their agenda. Profit, at all costs.

How will we Achieve these goals?
We will achieve these goals by simply stopping the operation of these entities at the consumer level. Occupying banks, refusing to give up our homes, civic disobedience and peaceful demonstrations will be our initial tactics.  We will tax the coffers of those that have raised our global cost of living and repressed technological development as to maintain power.  We will continue to raise awareness of the crimes these entities have committed against humanity and the earth as a whole. That is why we hold protests, in the hope that people who have not yet had an opportunity to confront this information, will approach us and inquire.

Is there a Call to Arms?
Yes!  We are constantly seeking others like us.  Those that are disenfranchised with the world around them as it is today, those that have new and innovative ideas for our future.  Join us, the movement is now. 

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